Owner Catches Cat Stealing From The Neighbor’s

Cats can be quite the handful, but anyone who has ever had a cat knows what is involved with owning one.

Essentially, you’re signing up for one heck of an adventure. I’ve had cats all my life, and they all have different personalities. Some have been very chill, others have been total love bugs, and I even had one that we’re pretty sure was even bipolar.

There was one thing that all my cats had in common, and that was they all had a very sneaky side.

Photo: Pixabay/Sheila Shafer-Roberson

That’s the thing about cats. They can be quite sneaky when they want to be. They will always try to pull the wool over your eyes, which is why you usually catch them up to no good. We will usually catch them napping on the piece of furniture we’ve explicitly banned them from, or chowing down on some human food that they shouldn’t be eating.

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While they might have a rebellious side to them, they can also be very endearing. They sometimes like to bring us little gifts as a sign of their affection.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

But for one cat, this symbol of affection came with a side of thievery. Monica, the cat’s owner, was getting showered with random trinkets by her cat, China. The things had no rhyme or reason to them, and Monica was stumped as to where her cat was getting them from. They certainly weren’t anything she had in her own home.

It didn’t take long for Monica to figure it out, and the results were quite embarrassing. As it turned out, China was quite light-pawed and had been sneaking into her neighbor’s home and stealing items.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

In fact, she was stealing anything and everything that she could get her paws on, and was then bringing them back as souvenirs for her owner.

As soon as Monica had figured it out, she went to her neighbors to explain the situation. Fortunately, they thought it was funny and were just relieved that there weren’t raccoons breaking into their home. Still, Monica was tasked with making up a “return box” full of China’s loot. And boy, was it a lot!

Watch the hilarious footage below:


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