Pit Bull Sadly Sits In A Tiny Bed After The Cat Kicked Him Out Of His Bed

Cats can be jerks. As a die-hard cat person, I say that with all the love in my heart. But sometimes, facts are facts.

Cats are sweet, loving, and charming companions. But they also have the full capacity to be little jerks when they want to be, and this perhaps best exemplified when there is a dog in the house.

I grew up with both cats and dogs under the same roof, and while cats and dogs can definitely get along and form loving bonds, there is no denying that at the end of the day, cats run the house. And if a cat wants to sleep in the dog’s bed, the cat will sleep in the dog’s bed – no questions asked.

Photo: Pixabay

An adorable video, which captures the exact moment when a cat usurps a dog’s bed has gone viral online, racking up more than 800K likes on TikTok.

The cat, Supe – which is short for Superbad – was not afraid to bully the pit bull into giving up his cozy bed. The large dog, Odin, didn’t resist much as he was clearly intimidated by the small feline.

Photo: TikTok/overlyshlexual

The owner said in the video caption, “He has at least 80 pounds on him,” but acknowledged that the big dog was actually quite scared of Supe, hence his quick retreat.

To add insult to injury, while Supe got to snuggle up in a large, warm bed, Odin was left trying to make the best of a mini cat bed.

Photo: TikTok/overlyshlexual

Many people found the video quite hilarious, with one person joking that Odin trying to get comfy on Supe’s bed was the dog’s attempt to make a bad situation work.

Watch the video below:


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♬ Don’t be suspicious – io non so

What do you think of this cat and dog dynamic? Does your cat also bully your dog? Let us know!

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