Cat Gets Revenge After Being Locked Out Of The Bathroom

Anyone whose familiar with cats knows they have a natural tendency towards pettiness. They like things to go their way, and they’re not afraid to hold a grudge if someone spoils their plans.

Despite that, cat owners somehow co-exist with cats, and sometimes, even bond with them! However, even cats who love their owners can seek out revenge on them when they’re annoyed.

That’s what one cat named Theo did after his owner, Maddie, locked him out of the bathroom.

Photo: Pixabay/chris ww

As Maddie (TikTok user @m_clayclay) explained on TikTok, “Theo gets really upset if I don’t bring him in the bathroom with me.” She shared a video of his “revenge” and, even though you can’t see anything but his paw, you can tell he means business.

In the video, taken from inside the bathroom, you can see Theo angrily swipe his paw under the door and snag the bathroom mat. He’s clearly upset about being locked out of the bathroom while his owner is inside, and he’s making it known that he’s not happy.

Photo: TikTok/@m_clayclay

As soon as Maddie pulls the mat away from him, Theo somehow fits his whole arm under the door and snags the mat again – this time, pulling it all the way under the door and out of the bathroom entirely.

It’s as if he was saying, “If I can’t be in the bathroom, you can’t have the bathroom mat.” Sounds fair to me.


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The clip quickly went viral, with many people relating to the moment. Those who have cats know how just mischievous and petty they can be.

One person commented on the video, saying, “You didn’t take him with you … So he take the bathroom instead.”

Others commented that their cats also try and get revenge or show their pettiness when they’re upset. Maddie is definitely not alone!

Photo: flickr/Hitchster

As she shares in other TikTok videos, Theo is full of personality, and though he’s a handful at times, Maddie wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cats can be a lot sometimes, but they bring so much joy into our lives. We’re happy to see Maddie and Theo have such a great relationship, even if they annoy each other at times.

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