Cat’s Strange Morning Routine Baffles Redditor

It’s always interesting to catch glimpses of our neighbors’ lives as we go about our own.

For one redditor in the UK, this glimpse has turned into something of a staring match, with a neighbor’s black-and-white cat keeping eyes on him every morning!

Logging on to the r/Cats subreddit, where users share “Pictures, videos, articles, and questions featuring and about cats,” Radu Cristian (u/Mafeotul on reddit) shared a photo from his porch of a neighborhood cat perched on a strange vehicle.


He added the caption:

“I have this cat sitting every day, at 7AM, on a weird car, staring at me. This happens without fail, and has been for over a year.”

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While the main attraction is obviously the mischievous cat who loves to peep at his neighbor, it’s worth mentioning that the car he’s sitting on is completely covered in astroturf, made to look like a soccer field (or football pitch, since this photo was taken in Manchester, England), and apparently “sticker bombed” on the inside with logos and decals. The handle of the car is even a glove, and there are cleats stuck on the roof as well!


“The owner is a car dealer, that’s about as much as I know,” Cristian wrote in a comment. “You should see the inside of the car. It’s quite literally sticker bombed with football related stickers.” He added: “It actually works as well, the owner uses it for his weekly [shopping trips].”

While it might weird for anyone to routinely make eye contact with a nosy cat perched on a strange car, the cat clearly relishes the routine. As cat owners know, they’re creatures of habit, which can even benefit their health and disposition, according to “While such a routine driven life may seem boring to humans, it helps cats feel safe and confident,” the site notes.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

So as strange as the routine is, it’s clearly what the cat prefers.

“He has a quest for you. You must solve the mystery of the soccer field car,” one redditor joked in the comments under the photo.

“I think I’d like to wake up to this sight daily, it beats my normal sights in the morning,” another added.

Check out the full post here, for more info on the mysterious soccer car cat!

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