Black Cat Sounds Like A Revving Engine When She Meows

Cats are known to make all kinds of strange little sounds. Personally, my favorite cat noise is when they do their little chirps. Every cat owner is familiar with that little chirp – it’s just so cute!

But there is one adorable black cat, Shorty, who went viral for her unique sound-making abilities.

The little black feline – who is known for being the other half of a kitty duo named Shorty and Cody – can mimic the sound of a revving engine.

Photo: YouTube/Sho Ko

In the video, Shorty is filmed sitting in her cardboard box – which is her favorite spot – and is making little murmuring sounds. They happen to sound very much like a stalling car engine.

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But according to her owner, Rob, this little feline loves to communicate using this method.

Apparently, it’s usually a result of the charming little cat enjoying a game of peek-a-boo with her owner. So heartwarming.

Photo: Instagram/shortyandkodi
Photo: Instagram/shortyandkodi

As he explained in the video caption below, “Shorty usually does her little ‘hi’ activation sound when I walk by and see her in her box, er, I mean, Her Royal Meowjesty’s Secret Fortress. But here she does it in succession when I was playing peek-a-boo with her.”

Watch her in the video below:

Is that not the most adorable thing ever? If you want to see more, you can follow Shorty on Instagram!

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