Dad Scratches His Cat’s Head With His Beard

Let’s be honest, life with cats can sometimes get a little…quirky. There is something about these felines that bring out the weird in us. Our cats are creatures of habit, and as their faithful owners, we will often indulge them and whatever they need to help them get their best night’s sleep. I have a friend who will make up the cat bed a very specific way every single night for her cat. My grandpa made up a lullaby for his cat and sang it to her every night. And yes, when she moved in with us my mom and I carried on the nightly tradition. I don’t know what it is, but cats bring out the bizarrely cute in their owners.


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Luna’s owner even admitted it’s a daily habit, saying, “This is our routine- when I lay down with the laptop to write, my cat (Luna) comes and snuggles up! She lays across my arms and demands beard scratches (my wife calls them beard kisses). Look how she just melts and relaxes like she’s the comfiest cat ever.”


What do you think of these two? What daily habits do you share with your cat? Let us know!