Cat Sings A ‘Purr-fect’ Duet With His Owner

Any cat owner knows that cats can be quite vocal. Essentially, they’re quite musical in their own little way.

In fact, my own cat has a unique little chortle that she does whenever she wants to be fed. My cat before her had a very operatic way of waking me up at four in the morning when he wanted to leave the bedroom.

But there is one cat, in particular, who seems to have the most perfect pitch of them all.

The lilac-pointed cat was filmed by his owner, Otu Suurmunne of Moonic Productions, singing in perfect pitch.

Photo: YouTube/

The musician would sing a variety of different notes to his cat who would then turn around and meow the notes back in the same exact tone!

Photo: YouTube/

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It seemed like a perfect duet. However, it was later revealed that the cat might not be taking home any singing awards anytime soon as Suurmunne was playing around with the autotune.

Photo: YouTube/

Can’t win them all, right?

While Suurmunne’s cat might not actually have a major musical gift, Suurmunne still was able to create an entertaining video.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of this cat? Does your cat have a range of vocals? Let us know!

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