Black Cat Sings The Blues With His Owner

Some animals have hidden talents and it may take a little while for an owner to catch on. For those pet owners who do recognize the talents of their furry friends, some of them choose to share those talents with the world.

Recently, we saw the social media emergence of a dog that can balance things, a rat that can paint, and a dog that can play flute.

More recently, however, the world has been introduced to Bruce, a black cat that sings the blues.

Photo: Max Pixel

Bruce loves to sing with his owner, who often accompanies the cat on his guitar. The owner will play a few chords and the cat will sing in between tunes.

It’s quite an interesting partnership they have, and it’s not just a one-off occurrence!

Photo: YouTube/Infinity Cats

On social media, Bruce’s owner shares videos of the two jamming out together and Bruce has quite a vocal range!

Cats are often thought of as being aloof and uninterested, but Bruce is a prime example that some cats love to do things with their owners. While Bruce likely does his singing on his own terms, he seems to enjoy the activity with his owner either way.

Photo: YouTube/Infinity Cats

What an amazing cat!

If you want to hear Bruce sing for yourself, check out the clip below:

You can keep up with Bruce and the family on Instagram and YouTube!

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