Cat Who Spent More Than 24 Hours in a Sewer is Saved in Nail-Biting Rescue

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Today Deidre is safe and loved. She claimed the heart of the wonderful family that reached out to us to save her and this story turned out to be the happiest adoption ever!

Deidre had fallen into a sewer and was fighting for her life for over 24 hours. Neighbors reported that they heard her cries for help the night before, but by the next day, she made no sound.


This is where the universe stepped in! Five-year-old twin girls were walking with their father to a store and happened to look down as they crossed the street. They saw Deidre clinging to a pipe in the sewer, and that was the beginning of the huge rescue effort that ensued. The family contacted Give Me Shelter Project and we contacted two of our experienced rescuers. When they could not succeed, they called for additional assistance from a rescuer we refer to as a one woman “cat cavalry”!

The rescue was nail-biting drama, as they had to use a crowbar to lift off the heavy grating that covered the sewer. Three feet below Deidre, there was eight feet of black sewage. It was clear from her appearance that she had already been submerged and somehow climbed onto the pipe. By the time the rescuers could get to her, they saw that Deidre was exhausted and had given up. She put her head down and was ready to slip off the pipe into the cesspool. One of the rescuers dove in head first and shouted for another to hold her legs. She grabbed Deidre yelling, “You are not going to die on my watch!” Thankfully, both were hauled out safely.

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Deidre’s next struggle was to regain her health, as she was covered in caked-on sewage, severely dehydrated, malnourished and in terrible shape. She was shell-shocked and we are sure she was suffering from PTSD.

Thanks to exceptional vet care and a nurturing foster family, Deidre slowly recovered. We were beyond thrilled to receive a call from the family that reported the emergency to us. They said they could not get Deidre off their mind and asked to adopt her.


I still tear up when I tell this story. The twins were just in the right place at the right time and something compelled them look down into that sewer, even though Deidre was not making a sound due to exhaustion. This story will forever haunt us with thoughts of what those 24 hours must have been like for Deidre. At the same time, this amazing team rescue and serendipitous adoption make our hearts sing. Her new family vowed to shower her with love and help her forget any bad past memories.

Story submitted by Give Me Shelter Project.

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