Meet A Cat Who Takes Selfies Better Than You Do

The “selfie” has been around since 1839, when Louis-Jaques Daguerre sat in front of his camera and had his likeness captured on a silver plate.

However, the art of the selfie has not been perfected by this generation, even though it’s the hottest thing on social media. It’s been PURRFECTED, actually, by someone who’s not even human!

It takes A LOT to be noticed nowadays. While everyone’s faces are glued to their screens, so much passes them by. Luckily, something and someone this cute, can’t be ignored. Like, seriously!

This cat, named Manny, has an insane amount of Instagram followers and it’s for good reason. He actually takes selfies. No, I’m not kitten! He’s so good at taking selfies that you have to wonder if there’s something else going on here… like a little person in a Manny suit?! NAH. Or maybe Manny has had some purr-fessional training? Not sure exactly, but I do know I am now one of Manny’s faithful followers. Can you blame me?

Manny’s popularity makes perfect/purrfect sense considering this obvious truth: cats really are taking over the internet!

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