This Mama Cat Is On An Important Mission (And Armed With Sausage!)

This mama cat will do anything for her babies! Even face her biggest fears… like the vacuum! WHOA! That motherly instinct is fierce! And she has no problem using what she’s got to her advantage, like her kitty cat stealth. Anything to get food to her babies. Even if they are up a long flight of stairs and are very, very hungry. But she will do what she has to, because she’s a mama! And her babies mean the world to her!

10 Cool Cat Facts:

1. Cats are the #1 pet in the United States! YUP! Most think dogs are but no, there are approximately 88 million pet cats (compared to 74 million dogs).

2. Cats can’t taste anything sweet.

3. The world’s richest cat is reportedly worth $13 million. Crazy, I know! His human passed away and left all her fortune to her beloved feline.

5. Female cats are typically “right-pawed” while male cats are typically “left-pawed.” So wait, does this mean they can write?!

6. A cat’s brain is more similar to a human’s brain than a dog’s brain is.

7. Abraham Lincoln kept four cats in the White House during his presidency.

8. Cats use their whiskers to navigate.

9. The record for the largest litter of kittens ever born is 19! It happened in 1970 in the UK. (Four didn’t survive)

And my favorite!

10. A cat’s nose is unique to each cat like a fingerprint (SO COOL!)

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