Cowboy Cat Attempts To Ride On The Back Of A Horse

Yeehaw! One very bold cat was caught on camera taking a big risk with one of his nine lives after he decided to take a wild ride on the back of a horse.

The little black and white cat was strolling across the polls of a fence up in Alberta, Canada, when he came across a beautiful palomino horse inside the enclosure.

That is when the daring feline decided to take a joy ride and climbed aboard. However, what the cat didn’t realize was the horse had absolutely no idea that the cat was there until he jumped onto his back.

Photo: YouTube / ViralHog

Naturally, this horse was quite spooked by the sudden weight of the cat ended up bucking and tossed the cat off his back.

Photo: YouTube / ViralHog

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The owner’s horse shared with ViralHog, “My sisters and I were out feeding the horses when we saw the black cat walk down the fence and hop up on the palomino horses back with no help from us.”

Photo: YouTube / ViralHog

Check out the video below:

Clearly, the kitty cowboy was feeling in the mood for one heck of a ride. But from the video, it looks like the cat was just as surprised as the horse. What do you think about the feline rough rider? Let us know!

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