Orphaned Kitten Found With A Perfect Two-Toned Face

Although we live in a world of uncertainty, there are some things that we can be absolutely sure of. One of those is the fact that kittens are adorable, and that is true across the board.

Of course, there are some kittens that take being adorable to the next level, and that is the case with one orphaned kitten named Apricot.

This little kitten was found with Pretzel, her sister, inside of a wall. The family had just moved into a new home and they found the kittens hiding when they were doing some work.

Photo: Instagram/kittenitwithkiki

If that wasn’t surprising enough, when they pulled Apricot from the wall, they saw that she had a symmetrical, two-toned face. It is absolutely adorable, and it will make you fall in love with her from the moment you see her.

Photo: Facebook/Nashville Cat Rescue

Since these little kittens were orphaned, they needed a mother to take care of them, and the foster care volunteers at Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee had the solution.

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They had two cats that had recently been rescued, Olive and Pickle, and they had recently given birth to their own litter of kittens. Those two cats would now be foster moms to the new kittens arriving at the cat rescue.

Photo: Instagram/kittenitwithkiki

The rescue shared a photo of the little kitten and wrote, “This is a Chimera and very rare.” If you know anything about this interesting look that Apricot has, you might know that chimera cats are caused when a cat has two different types of DNA that are fused together because they come from two different embryos. Regardless of it’s a genetic mistake, there’s no doubt she is the cutest thing.

According to UNILAD, the rescue said the mother cats were rescued from a cat colony and even though they are no longer in that area, they continue to stay together. The rescue even wants them to remain together after they are adopted.

Photo: Instagram/kittenitwithkiki

Pickle gave birth to six kittens but one of them did not survive. Olive had a kitten the next week. When you watch them together with Apricot and Pretzel, it is the cutest thing. They take care of them as if they were their own, showing the kind of love that only a mother can show.

The cats are currently being fostered by Instagram user @kittenitwithkiki. She shares photos of the little kittens on her Instagram where you can follow along.

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