When Your Bae Is Your Cat (And You’re Proud Of It!)

I hate the old saying about cat ladies! Who cares about spinsterhood status if you get to be surrounded with purrs and meows? And the occasional nibble, LOL!

There’s so many benefits to having your cat as your bae. First, there’s the whole he can’t talk back thing. I mean, he can certainly meow back or even walk away but at least, no matter what, you can totally get the last word in. You also get to pick whatever you want to watch on TV. Want to watch a chick flick? Then go for it. Mr. Meow may get tired of it and walk away but at least he won’t be able to change the channel! And the list goes on…

Some of the healthiest relationships we will ever have is with our furbabies and there is no shame in that! So embrace it! I’m proud to say my bae is right here, purring on my lap! So, that whole thing about being a cat lady… That’s totally a compliment in my book!

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