Picky Cat Refuses To Use The Expensive Feeder Its Owner Got

Those who have cats know just how picky they can be. They want things a certain way – their way – and they refuse to go along with anything else.

Of course, as cat owners, we do our best to make sure they’re comfortable and have everything they need. Some of us even go above and beyond to spoil our fur babies, but they don’t always appreciate it like they should.

One cat owner knows just how true that is.

Photo: Pixabay/Hanna Kovalchuk

She was hoping to spoil her baby when she purchased a fancy new cat feeder. It was much bigger and grander than the previous old bowl she’d been eating from.

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However, much to the cat mom’s dismay, her feline wanted nothing to do with the new feeder.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL
Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

At mealtime, rather than eat the food already laid out in the nice, new feeder, the cat pawed at her old bowl and cried. It was clear she wasn’t going to give the new one a try.

Reluctantly, the cat’s mom walked over and asked her what was wrong with her food. But, it seems she knew exactly what was wrong. The mom took a big handful of cat food from the new feeder and plopped it into the old bowl, and the cat began to eat immediately.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

Sometimes we do our best, and it’s just not good enough for cats.

Watch the video below:

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