Why We Love Our Cats (And All Their Quirks)

When you love your cat, you love the quirks he or she comes with. It’s that simple. One cannot exist without the other. Maybe that’s why cat videos are SO addictive! And so cat-isfying!

Here are some of the many ways we can appreciate our cats and their quirks. But be forewarned: these videos may make you fall in love with cats even more (if that were even possible!)

Showcasing Their Silly

Sometimes a cat just can’t be himself without being silly. Maru is known for his quirky antics involving boxes and all things he can’t exactly fit in, but makes sure he does. Isn’t that a reason to love him more? I totally agree!

Maru’s human can almost anticipate, at this point, what will entertain both Maru and his audience. He went as far as to bait Maru with something he just couldn’t resist! I mean, come on, guys, if you aren’t cat-obsessed already then look at this!


Are you team cat yet? If I haven’t totally swayed you, then watch this!

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