Man Bumps Into His Cat Walking Around Town A Quarter Mile From Home

Any animal we have in our home is going to live a life that is somewhat public and somewhat private. We tend to think of what they are doing when they are right in front of us but, honestly, we have no idea what they are doing when they are out of our sight. Some of them might even have a secret life that would surprise us but sometimes, we get a glimpse of that life and it amazes us.

If you happen to be a ‘cat person’, you already realize just how much they bring to the table. Cats tend to be private animals and when we don’t see them in front of us, we might wonder what they are doing. One Twitter user, @SherlockyTweet may have felt that way but one day, he had the chance to see his cat’s private life up close and personal. After all, he bumped into his cat, Lewis, as he was out on a stroll. It seems that Lewis was just as surprised to see him.

The pictures of Lewis have become a viral sensation and people were curious to learn more.

It seems that Lewis likes to wander but not always that far.

Other people were joining in with their own cat stories:

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Always check to make sure it is your cat

Lewis has gained a lot of popularity online. We love you, Lewis.

He is also a great companion

They will go on walks together.

Lewis does have a cat door but it seems difficult to operate.

Thankfully, he always has a comfy place to go

Have fun on your travels, Lewis!

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