Cat Purrs Can Do What?!

Cats don’t just purr when they are happy. It seems science has figured out another reason for cats to sound like little kitty motor engines… and it’s pretty darn incredible!

It seems that low frequency purring can actually promote bone regeneration. WHOA! Scientists are so confident that this works for cats that they have proposed that astronauts use artificial purr devices to help them when they lose muscle density in flight. Could cat purring help humans? It seems so! Listening to cat purrs is actually quite calming and can lower blood pressure as well. See, this is why I love cats! They are pretty much a medical necessity! LOL!

Keeping your cat happy will increase their purr power. So here’s a great article on how to keep your feline purring and your household happy. Meal options are important so learning what works best for your cat is essential. So are potty comforts, playtime and of course loads of affection. Click here to learn more!

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