Pet Owner’s Ingenious Idea Stops Cat From Taking Down Christmas Tree

Cats see Christmas trees as something to climb and the ornaments are obviously placed on the branches as toys for them to play with.

Pet owners are familiar with unbreakable ornaments, half trees, and even tricks like using orange peels to protect their Christmas tree, but wait until you see the idea one TikToker (@lilyandenzostory) shared that has kept her curious pets from destroying her tree.

Photo: Pixabay/Larisa

All you need to cat-proof your tree is some plexiglass. Yes, it is that simple.

The TikTok video – which has over 16 million views – shows a determined cat pawing at the plexiglass that surrounds the Christmas tree, but she never touches the tree. So far, the plexiglass has kept the cat from jumping on the tree for the past three years.

The TikToker credited her boyfriend for the idea and shared, “In the time of covid when plexiglass was very popular. My BF had an idea of what to do with it.”

Impressed pet owners flooded the comments with questions on how they installed the plexiglass, and many are going to give it a try.

This idea may just save Christmas for some households. A fellow cat parent commented, “The way that I NEED to do this. I’ve literally been debating taking down my Christmas tree bc of my cat.”

Photo: Pixabay/Paul Nicholson

However, others believe the cat will not stop until she overcomes this challenge.

“That look at the end … that tree is coming down one way or another,” wrote one person.

Another said, “That cat is doing the math to get the correct jump height.”

While only one cat was seen in the video, she shares the home with two other felines and two boxers. Be sure to follow them all on TikTok for more entertaining videos and to see if the cat ever manages to jump over the plexiglass.

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