Cat Shows Off His Impressive Athletic Skills During Indoor Soccer Game

Our cats all have different preferences when it comes to how they play. Some cats prefer toys on a string that they can gracefully jump through the air for. Other cats love the frustratingly elusive red laser. And some cats love playing ball!

For Chris Dixon, a 23-year-old YouTuber and soccer fan, his cat happens to be quite the soccer fan as well.

In fact, Meownuel Neuer – cleverly named after German soccer player Manuel Neuer – has quite a set of skills as far as felines are concerned.

Photo: Twitter/Chris Dixon

Dixon and the petite Neuer filmed a video of themselves enjoying a pretty wild game of indoor soccer., and there is no denying feline Neuer had it going on when it came to his goalie reflexes.

They were pretty impressive!

Photo: Twitter/Chris Dixon
Photo: Twitter/Chris Dixon

In the video, Dixon attempts several goals using a small, cat-friendly ball only to be blocked each and every time by kitty Neuer.

The impressive clip was uploaded to social media where it garnered millions of views and thousands of likes from people watching.

Photo: Twitter/Chris Dixon

Maybe this Neuer cat will end up playing in the next FIFA World Cup? We can only cross our fingers.

Watch below:

What do you think of this feline’s skills? Let us know!

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