Residents Race To Save Stray Cat Who Spent 2 Weeks Trapped Inside Peanut Butter Jar

Homeless cats and dogs often have a heartwarming rescue story. But few animals have managed to unite an entire community like Peanut, a stray cat who spent two weeks running around a New Zealand town with an empty jar of peanut butter stuck on his head.

“And there was a bit of a community tracking of him, but he just kept running when people spotted him,” one of those rescuers, Annaliese England, told the Sydney Morning Herald. Residents kept trying to catch the old cat to help him out of this sticky situation, but the wily old cat always managed to evade their grasp.

Photo: YouTube/RNZ

Finally — after the cat had been lam for about two weeks — neighbors reported seeing Peanut crossing the street. “He crossed a main road, ran down a driveway and was spotted in a garden,” said England, who runs a local animal shelter called Animal Trust Matamata. “They called me, and we barricaded off the garden with crates. We also had a net and a pole with a rope on it.”

Finally, England — who believed they’d never see Peanut alive again if he once again slipped through their grasp — created a makeshift lasso, which she threw around the cat’s neck. “He was sitting up against some trellis, so we couldn’t physically manage to grab him,” she said. “It was our last chance – behind him were crop fields, so he would have just gone.”

Photo: Facebook/Matamata Animal Trust

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Rescuers rushed the cat to the vet, who had to sedate the poor animal to remove his plastic appendage. Based on his weight, age, and generally rough condition, the vet guessed the senior cat had been living on the streets for a while.

“He was pretty skinny,” said England, who was nevertheless impressed by the cat’s will to survive. “He had been two weeks without food or water and would have had only a tiny bit of air getting in.”

Regardless, Peanut’s newfound celebrity will probably help the old cat find a home, says England, who’s already had plenty of offers for adoption. “It will be nice that he will get to see what a family is like,” she said. This sweet old cat certainly deserves it!

Find out more about Peanut’s story in the video below!

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