Cat Pawsitive Helps Shelter Cats Get Adopted By Training Them To High-Five

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Cat Pawsitive is one of our signature programs that focuses on helping shelter cats find forever homes through training. Developed by Jackson Galaxy and a team of animal behavior experts, Cat Pawsitive is a Signature Program of and The Animal Rescue Site, in partnership with Petco Foundation. The goal is to help shelter cats feel more comfortable and catch the eye of potential adopters.

How It Works

Cat Pawsitive mentors use a “train the trainer” approach to work with shelter staff and volunteers on positive–reinforcement clicker training techniques that can improve the well–being and adoptability of the cats in their care.

Photos: Facebook/The Jackson Galaxy Project

By rewarding cats for exhibiting trained behaviors, Cat Pawsitive trainers are able to give shy cats the confidence to come to the front of their kennels and make eye contact with potential adopters, sit on command, spin in circles, or even high–five their way into their new family’s hearts.

Cats are rewarded with a tasty treat every time they high-five. Who can resist a cat that can high-five?! Apparently, not many because the program is increasing cat adoptions.

Photos: Facebook/The Jackson Galaxy Project

We are sending Cat Pawsitive adoption kits to shelters around the country to help more cats find loving homes. Each kit will come fully stocked with a cat clicker, toys, treats, and staff resources/training by a Cat Pawsitive feline behaviorist.

How It Helps Cats

Shelters are stressful environments with strange smells and sounds. Some cats can turn destructive from the stress, while others will cower in the corner of their kennels. This program encourages cats to interact with people and allows them to let their true personalities shine.

Photo: Facebook/The Jackson Galaxy Project

The Cat Pawsitive program works with cats that are harder to adopt. Seniors, feral and those with health issues are usually passed over for the adorable little kittens. However, we are hoping to change that through high-fives.

Photo: Facebook/The Jackson Galaxy Project

The benefits of Cat Pawsitive are clear: as shelter cats gain confidence, adopters take notice, and more cats find their way out of shelters and into their happy ending.

Happy Ending

The program helps cats like Wesley find a loving family. Wesley, a senior shelter cat, was overlooked many times in favor of younger cats. Wesley took to the training straight away, and became a Cat Pawsitive ambassador — KCCP allowed him to roam the halls, showing off his signature High–Five to impress potential adopters and raise interest in the program. He helped to boost cat adoptions in the shelter, and these impressive new skills finally landed him in the forever home of his dreams.

Photo: Facebook/The Jackson Galaxy Project

Learn how to train your cat to high-five by clicking here.

For only $10 you can help a shelter cat. One Cat Pawsitive adoption kit costs $10, but has the potential to save multiple lives. 100% of your donation goes to charity. Together, we can make a difference.

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