Woman Sets Up Camera To Figure Out Why She Can’t Sleep And Discovers Her Cat Is Pawing Her All Night

Cats can be quite the little pests – especially when it’s the middle of the night and you’ve got to get your sleep but your cat has other ideas.

As cat owners, we’ve all been there. Still, as much as our little felines might get under our skin when we’re trying to sleep, we can’t help but love them and their silly ways.

One cat owner named Susie, who has the username @susieandmollie on TikTok, had been experiencing some major sleep disruptions. But she couldn’t figure out what was going on, so she decided to investigate and get to the root of her problem.

Photo: Pixabay

She decided to set up a sleep camera in order to see what was going on. And luckily for Susie, the camera managed to capture exactly what was keeping her from achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.

Or more accurately, who was keeping her from achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.

The culprit happened to be her very own cat, Ginger. Apparently, this feline had a nightly ritual of poking and prodding her from 11 pm till 3 am, like clockwork.

Photo: TikTok / susieandmollie
Photo: TikTok / susieandmollie
Photo: TikTok / susieandmollie

According to Bored Panda, Susie adopted the 16-year-old Ginger in 2005, along with his brother, Brock, when the two kittens were only 8 weeks old. The two cats instantly became beloved family members who love their family, but Susie noted that “Ginger is definitely the needy one out of them both.”

Apparently, the cat’s neediness even extended to non-business hours – as clearly demonstrated on the tape. She decided to show the clip on her TikTok, and it quickly went viral.

So far, the video has brought Susie more than 4K new followers, as well as 82.1K likes on the video. As Susie explained to the public, the cat’s poking and prodding is a result of his desire to cuddle. She said, “He doesn’t like to go under the covers as he gets too hot, so he prefers me to wrap my arm around him. He sleeps for a few hours, then leaves.”

She added that if she doesn’t wake up straight away, he will continue his poking and prodding. How cute. Hopefully he’ll be less persistent in the future.

Check out the cheeky kitty in the video clip below:


What do you think of Ginger? Does your cat behave in a similar manner? Let us know!

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