Cat Became Friends With The Mouse He Was Supposed To Catch

The world is a complicated place, and even things that we may have thought were universal truths are up in the air.

Case in point, a Chilean man’s cat became friends with the mouse he was supposed to catch, upending years of conventional wisdom (not to mention cartoon plots) in the process.

Just look at them!

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM /simonel.gato

Benjamín Sagredo, who owns Simón, has had him for about 2 years. In that time, Simón showed a classic cat attitude and a “phobia” of dogs like Border Collies, so Sagredo assumed he’d fit in perfectly as a pest catcher, too.

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What Sagredo couldn’t have known was that Simón is excellent at making friends – when he feels like it!

Photo: Pixabay/suju-foto

The video, which Sagredo took because he was sure no one would believe him otherwise, shows Simón standing over a little grey mouse as the critter takes a long drink from his water bowl.

He even pats him on the head once or twice with a paw (maybe they’re not actually friends and it was a half-hearted attempt at drowning the little guy. Who knows?).

Sagredo, fortunately, took the incident in stride and was amused at his cat’s ability to cross species lines and make a new friend. The little mouse was named Chefcito and has been given free rein of the house for as long as Simón decides.

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM /simonel.gato

It turns out that most domesticated cats who aren’t taught by a parent (usually their mother) to hunt may end up actually making friends with their “prey.”

It’s happened before, and while not common, it’s also nothing to worry about — unless mice bother you, of course.

Watch the full video below, courtesy of Simón the cat’s Instagram!

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