This Michigan Cat Was Just Elected To Become America’s Next Mayor

The idea of nominating animals to elected U.S. office isn’t necessarily new. Back in 1938, a brown mule named Boston Curtis won a Republican seat in Washington State, while a Labrador-Rottweiler mix, Bosco, served as a California mayor until 1994.

Nor is the trend of nominating four-legged candidates limited to American politics. Despite being officially barred from running, a Sao Paulo rhino named Cacareco won a 1958 city council election with 100,000 write-in votes.

Photo: Facebook/Omena Historical Society
Photo: Facebook/Omena Historical Society

The U.S. town of Omena, Michigan – population 300 – is just one American city to recognize the merits of elevating pets into office.

In 2018, for example, a 9-year-old cat, Sweet Tart, was elected to fill Omena’s top post, despite a crowded primary field that included 13 dogs, a goat, a chicken, a peacock, and another cat.

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In the spirit of bipartisanship, runner-ups were awarded council positions. Vice and secondary vice mayors will be filled by a dog and a puppy, respectively, while the chicken and goat were chosen to out the cabinet.

Photo: Facebook/Omena Historical Society
Photo: Facebook/Omena Historical Society

It’s not entirely clear why voters decided Sweet Tart was more qualified than other candidates, other than the obvious conclusion that Omena’s electorate includes a higher proportion of cat lovers. Sweet Tart might have been cuter, older, or just better behaved, all of which counts when you’re expected to criss-cross the state, posing for pictures and stamping your paw to official documents.

Regardless, this year’s mayoral race managed to raised $7,000 for the local historical society, which isn’t too shabby when you consider that Omena only includes 300 full-time human residents. Clearly, the human population also includes an outsized proportion of animal lovers!

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