Artist Brings Popular Cat Memes To Life

Cats are sweet and sassy animals who march to the beat of their own drum. As a result, these independent felines often end up providing us with plenty of entertainment by just being themselves.

They will often be the ones to photobomb us or get caught on video performing some silly feline antics.

As a result, throughout the years, cats and their shenanigans have turned into countless memes.


But one French artist, Kévin Gemin of Kékéflipnote, has found a new way to make these memes even more entertaining. He has brought them to life through animation!

Some of these animations are ones that you’ll probably easily recognize as the original memes have become quite famous.

Photo: YouTube/kekeflipnote

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Photo: YouTube/kekeflipnote

As Gemin said of his animation series, “Lots and lots of strange cats! No worries, they are ultra friendly.”

Watch the video below:

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