Cole And Marmalade’s Human Turns Into A CAT!

I just love Cole and Marmalade videos, and this one took a turn I was NOT expecting! LOL! Just imagine if something with the cosmos shifted and you suddenly turned into a cat… would it look a lot like this? Would you climb cabinets, or the fridge? Maybe go a bit batty over some catnip? I hope I wouldn’t care as much about the laser pointer — but who can really say for sure?

Now imagine living with an adult-sized human-cat! Maybe your spouse or best friend turned into a cat. Or maybe your cat turned into a human! Let’s just say that it’s a good thing Cole and Marmalade’s humans didn’t both turn into cats or they would seriously have their paws full!! After watching these crazy-cat antics take place, I am so very GLAD that my cats are…well…cat-sized! What would you do if you were a cat?

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