This Cat Is Obsessed With Watching The U.S. Water Polo Team

I think that all of us watch the Olympics for our own reasons.

Perhaps we have a favorite sport or maybe, it’s just pride that keeps us glued to the TV.

Nobody is exactly sure why this cat loves the Olympics, but watching the little kitty jumping and getting excited has almost become an Olympic sport all of its own!

Photo: flickr/Trish Hamme

Interestingly, this feline is very specific when it comes to the games that he enjoys.

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It isn’t ice-skating or the slalom that captures his attention, it’s US water polo.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It’s amazing to watch an animal enjoy a sport so much.

It seems as if he even tries to mimic some of the game.

Photo: Twitter/@NBCOlympics

It was likely enjoyable, even though his team lost.

Watch the video below:

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