Owner Makes Her Cats Their Own Tiny Living Room Complete With A Cat-Sized Couch

When it comes to our cats, we only want the best. That usually means that we go above and beyond to make them as comfy as possible within our homes.

After finding herself with a little extra time during the current COVID-19 pandemic, one cat owner decided it was the perfect time to do something fun for her sweet little fur babies.

Tatiana Givenchy decided that the pandemic was a great time to do some DIY work in order to create a kitty couch and living area for her two cats, Leeta and Lyla. She shared photos of the creation on her Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations

Givenchy had admitted to The Dodo that the cat couch project had been on her to-do list for some time, but it was lockdown that made it possible for her to finally get around to the idea she’d had for a while.

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While sitting at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, Givenchy was able to get back to her hobby of crocheting. From there, she went on to make the adorable little couch and living space.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At first, it was just the couch that she made, but after thinking about it, Givenchy felt that the space was too bare.

Using items that she had collected throughout the years, she slowly began to create a very comfy and homey space for her cats to call their own. The best part is that this cat living room is located right beside the human living room.

Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations

Givenchy explained to The Dodo, “The rest of the living room just followed suit.”

Both Leeta and Lyla seem to really appreciate their owner’s efforts in fixing up a special place for them to go when they want to hang out with their family. As Givenchy shared, since she created the kitty couch and living room, both Leeta and Lyla have been hanging out much more frequently in their own spot rather than in other areas of the house. It’s as if they want to make sure that Givenchy knows how much they like their living room.

Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations
Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations
Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations

The cats’ appreciation even meant that Givenchy ended up making the feline pair a second couch – which they love as well.

Givenchy now has her hand-crocheted cat couches for sale on her website, along with other things she makes.

Photo: Instagram/givengratitudecreations

What do you think of this adorable living space for cats? Would you want one for your own cat? Let us know!

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