You’ll Find Yourself Comforted by This Video of a Cat Grooming and Showering a Dog with Kisses

Cats take hygiene seriously, and they know how to properly groom themselves. It is a habit that you’ll see cats doing for themselves and their kittens. After giving birth to their babies, a mother grooms the kittens by licking their fur. Felines do this daily, as it helps kittens urinate and suckle. Grooming also helps the mother and child build a bond. It’s heartwarming to receive maternal care — even the simplest grooming gesture can induce happiness and warmth in the little kittens. Grooming is like being showered with sweet kisses.

Photo: Unsplash/Louis-Philippe Poitras

Fascinatingly, kittens aren’t the only ones who get to be groomed by their mothers. Even male cats know how to take care of others. Surprisingly, a male cat from Reddit was seen sweetly grooming a dog. The video was uploaded by metrokatz with the caption, “Mr. White caring for his adopted daughter Brownie.” It was definitely like a father and daughter lounging on the bed — spending a quiet afternoon with each other.

Photo: Reddit/metrokatz

The dog seemed relaxed while cuddling with Mr. White — she clearly loves being babied by the cat. From head to paw, the cat ensured that Brownie was clean and tidy. The scene is so comfy that you’ll feel relaxed as well. Mr. White is indeed a sweet, loving cat because even though Brownie is a dog, he still takes care of her.

The beautiful and rare bond between the two pets was well-received on Reddit. It gained hundreds of upvotes and comments. People couldn’t help but gush over the content. Others even exchange jokes and their own interpretations of the scenario. Someone also pointed out that it could be that Mr. White just wanted to eliminate the dog smell. “Ugh, you’re so dirty. Why do you smell like dog all the time? Come ‘ere,” Pfhoenix funnily commented.

Having more than one pet truly makes a house feel homier. Seeing sweet interactions instead of chaotic messes can definitely make you happy. “This right here is why dogs and cats should be adopted together,” ForskaneWebNinja commented. Which is totally true. Dogs and cats are both wonderful pets — making it ideal to have both at home. Share the content with anyone who needs a smile today. You can also send this to someone you know who owns both dogs and cats.

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