Owner Creates ‘Iron Man’ Helmet For His Cat Using A 3D Printer

When it comes to our pet cats, we already know that we want to do everything we possibly can to make them happy.

Sometimes, however, it goes beyond making our cat happy and we just want to make ourselves happy. Perhaps that is where this unique invention comes in.

When it comes to useless items, we often see them available for our felines, but I think that this one goes above and beyond.

Photo: Max Pixel

Even if you happen to be a huge fan of Ironman, you are likely going to wonder why it was created.

Of course, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about an Ironman helmet that was made for a cat. It was created by Remy Vicarini for his cat, Cathode, and the results were posted to YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Rémy Vicarini
Photo: YouTube/Rémy Vicarini

In order to create this piece of feline paraphernalia, a 3D printer was used. There were two helmet pieces created with the printer and rendering software and a motor was added that made the helmet functional.

I have to admit, there is something very amusing about this helmet. Then again, only a scientist could create something like this and share it with the world.

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