Reporter Interrupted Mid-Segment By A Stray Cat That Wanted Affection

Cats. Anyone who has ever had one knows that they do whatever they want, whenever they want. There is no getting around it. The funny thing about cats is that they are actually very affectionate, but only on their terms. Of course, this often means that they’ll rebuke you when you seek to shower them with love, but when you’re otherwise occupied, they want love. When you are trying to work at the laptop, they’re there demanding your attention. If you’re trying to sleep, they’re there, demanding affection. And if you’re in the middle of a very important news report, you can count on a kitty to stroll up and want to be petted.

While reporter Artur Lira was busy on the air, an adorable little black and white stray cat strolled up – seeking his 15 minutes of fame. The reporter was doing a piece on an arrest outside a police station. The cat is well-known to officers in that particular station as he often hangs around because the officers regularly feed him and show him some love.

During the news segment, the determined feline was making it difficult for Lira to focus on his job, and couldn’t help but laugh at the cat’s antics. Lira was quite enamored by the kitty, so he decided to take the cat home with him! Perhaps that was the cat’s plan all along? It worked out well for the little four-legged photobomber. Lira gave the cat the name, Frajola Delegato.

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Frajola Delegato is now living his best life in a loving forever home with Lira’s aunt, Josineide Guedes Lira. Frajola Delgato loves his new, big backyard. Lira posted updates on Facebook, showing a very happy cat living at his aunt’s house. And the best part is that Lira lives close by so he can easily able to visit Frajola whenever he likes.

Watch their first encounter in the video below:

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