Cat Hides In Food Factory, Balloons In Size

Clive the Norwegian Forest cat had a good life in Toton, Nottinghamshire, where he lived with his humans, Tanya and Jonathan. But he dreamed of a more daring life. A life lived in the shadows. A life causing mischief. A life where millions of pounds of snacks were available to him at all times.

So he ran away to the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse, conveniently located about two miles from his home. Clive remained undetected for more than a year, though the warehouse manager couldn’t figure out what was repeatedly setting off the alarms at night.

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Tanya and Jonathan tried to find Clive after he went missing. They put up posters and sent out appeals on social media. But after a few months, they figured that Clive had been stolen because he’s such a pretty cat. They hoped that somehow Clive had found a good home. They had no idea he’d started a life of crime.

Workers in pet food factory eventually noticed that cat food was going missing. They found holes in food bags and a few workers spotted Clive darting by, but no one could catch him. Eventually they set up a trail of delectable kitty treats that led to a pressure-sensitive cat cage filled with food. One morning staff came in and found that Clive was caught; he’d taken the bait and the cage door had shut behind him.

Photo: YouTube/b/60

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“I’d been trying to catch him for weeks when I found out we had a cat living the warehouse. I saw him run past me a couple of times and we found droppings. I set a cat trap one week night and I found him in the morning. He was hissing and spitting but he knew the game was up,” the warehouse production supervisor, Diane Gaskill, said.

When staff took Clive to the vet, they found he was microchipped and had been reported missing 14 months earlier. And when Tanya got the call that Clive had been found, she was both happy and shocked.

Photo: YouTube/b/60

After his lifestyle of plenty, Clive had ballooned in size since Tanya and Jonathan had last seen him. “I think he’s been enjoying himself feasting for the past year. He’s wasn’t a big eater before… He has a huge appetite now though. I’ve had to leave him with a big bucket of food, he just won’t stop eating. We’re not going to put him on a diet though, he’s just a bit rounder but he’s happy,” she said. “I can’t believe he’s so porky.”

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