Cat Defends Home Against Evil Mailman

Dogs are infamous for despising mail carriers, but have you ever heard of a cat who does?

This feline puts any “guard dog” to shame. He may not have a scary bark or growl, but he has quick and powerful paws. And his number one priority every day is protecting his house from the evil mailman.

Luckily for us, his nemesis captured video of him defending his territory.

It’s hysterical!

Photo: Facebook/Axedvid

“Kitty cat ready to do battle!” the mailman says cheerfully as he records himself approaching the house.

The cat is perched behind the window next to the door of the sunroom. Just as the mailman tries to push the mail through the low slot in the door, the cat hops down and lunges at the small opening.


Photo: Facebook/Axedvid

Mail goes flying over the steps.

The mailman picks it up and muses aloud, “How am I going to get this in here?”

Just then the cat can be heard pawing maniacally at the mail slot again. The mailman tries to push the mail through anyway, and the cat’s paws pop out and bat at the papers.

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Photo: Facebook/Axedvid

In the melee, his claws latch into the mailman’s gloves. The cat manages to pull one glove off and then very nearly pulls it in through the slot!

A tug-of-war ensues for a moment, while the mailman yells, “Give me my gloves back!”

Kitty relents.

Photo: Facebook/Axedvid

The mailman continues his quest, and pokes a handful of mail into the slot. Again, the cat tries to bat it away. But the mailman gently prods the slot again and again until the cat actually latches onto the mail with his claws and pulls the mail in!

The mailman only has one letter left.

“Take the letter. Take the letter!” he urges the feline, as if he can understand him.

Photo: Facebook/Axedvid

Eventually, the cat helps guide that one through, too.

“Boy, he’s getting tougher!” the mailman says before heading back to his truck — hopefully to deliver mail somewhere that’s not so heavily guarded.

Take a look at the video below to see this feisty cat in action!

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