Cat Has His Own Mini-Bedroom With A TV For Watching YouTube Bird Videos

If you have a cat in your life, you likely do what can to make them comfortable. Some people even go out of their way to ensure that their cat has the best life they could possibly have.

It seems as if that is what @CinnamonBear9, a Twitter user, has recently done. They made a miniature bedroom for their cat that has everything it could possibly want.

There is a bed, front lounge, some toys and yarn for playing, and even a TV on the wall so she can watch YouTube videos of birds.

Photo: Twitter/@CinnamonBear9
Photo: Twitter/@CinnamonBear9

These dedicated cat people said: “Here is the bedroom we finished for our cat this weekend. He actually goes in to nap and watch birds on YouTube. :)”

Photo: Twitter/@CinnamonBear9
Photo: Twitter/@CinnamonBear9
Photo: Twitter/@CinnamonBear9

Many people on social media have shown just how dedicated they are to the cats in their lives. Some of these bedrooms may be tiny, but I think most of us would be more than happy to have them as our rooms.

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Here’s a cat that took over the kid’s dollhouse.

Photo: Twitter/@LoopyLupina

Sometimes, all that is needed is a box.

Photo: Twitter/@Chateau_Cat
Photo: Twitter/@Vectner

You could also do what this man did. He has 22 rescue cats so he turned the entire home into a playground for felines.

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