This Cat Is Not Having A Good (Hair) Day

This cat is having a rough day. When we think of getting our hair done, it’s like a mini-spa day (well, when it comes out the way we want it LOL).

But that’s not how this cat feels. Not one bit. His facial expressions are off the charts! Try watching this without laughing… IMPOSSIBLE!

Does your cat like getting a bath? Oh my, mine does not at all! She will run as soon as she sees me take out her shampoo! And we only do it a few times a year! As an indoor cat, she always did a very good job cleaning herself and never smelled. We started bathing her (more frequently) as she began to age. She is now 15. She just can’t groom herself like she used to. What is your take on cat hygiene?

It is always important to trim your cat’s nails, make sure their ears are clean, and keep them free from matted fur. Brushing is a must and most cats love it! My cat will fall asleep while being brushed. She finds it very soothing. A clean cat is a happy cat!

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