“Cat Garden” Shows Napping Felines Filling Front Porch Planters

Where does your cat like to sleep? You can probably think of one or two places, but your first reaction was probably to say, “everywhere!”

It’s true — cats love to laze around in sunbeams, boxes, or just plain old open space. That’s part of why we love them. It’s great to see our furry friends taking a load off.

One widely-shared video shows just how nice it is to have a whole lot of cats showing up to sleep the day away.

Photo: Unsplash/Simon Berger

The video, taken by Hannah Holman in Filer, Idaho, shows a beautiful, bright Idaho day from her front porch. On the porch are a variety of planters and pots for the family’s garden.

But instead of sprouting greenery or flowers, they’re filled with cats! “I thought it was cute that all the cats had fallen asleep in the planters. Immediately thought they were a cat garden. Why wouldn’t you want a garden of cats?” Holman told ViralHog.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The short clip, which took place on a peaceful spring day in May of 2021, gives a nice snapshot of a perfect moment.

The various cats look perfectly content to stretch out on a bed of dirt, or curl up in a pot to while the day away.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

“That’s what you get seeding catnip. Looks like time to harvest if you ask me,” joked one YouTube commenter. “So do you just got to water them? Or do they require treats too?” another added.

If you’ve already filled the cat-shaped hole in your life (everyone has one, admit it) but are in the mood for more, take a look at the full video below, via ViralHog:

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