Adorable Cat Strikes Up A Friendship With The Building’s Window Cleaner

When cats aren’t deliberately ignoring us, they spend the majority of their day napping. Sometimes, I envy how much cats get to sleep.

Of course, they also have extended periods of alertness where they are wide awake and wanting to play. Contrary to how people might perceive cats, they do have a social streak to them. They are also capable of striking up friendships with others.

In fact, one little black cat happened to befriend the building’s window cleaner, who he’d wait for like clockwork.

Photo: Unsplash

Guinness is a little black feline who’d been friends with a window cleaner since he was a kitten. Each week, when the cleaner would come to do the windows, Guinness waited for him so the two can spend some time playing.

Photo: YoutTube/RINA TAKEI

As Rina Takei shared on her YouTube, Guinness enjoyed spending time with his “Uncle” whenever he’d come around to do windows. The little cat would greet him before launching into a play session, which consisted of him chasing the squeegee.

Photo: YoutTube/RINA TAKEI

It was an adorable little ritual that the two had, and it was clear that Guinness was absolutely delighted with the routine, and so was the window cleaner – if the happy smile was any indication.

Watch the video below:

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