Meet The Four Cat Finalists In National Cat Awards

Cats are not only a constant source of entertainment but loyal companions who helps us through life’s ups and downs.

Their loyalty, friendship, and lifesaving abilities deserve to be recognized, and that is why Cat Protections, UK’s largest feline welfare charity, hosts an annual celebration of cats known as National Cat Awards.

Cat parents submit stories of how their feline changed their life for a chance to win one of four categories and then go on to compete for title of “National Cat of the Year”.

Photo: Pixabay/Mikhail Timofeev

The charity received numerous heartwarming tales, which made it very difficult for the judges to chose the winners.

But after careful consideration, the four finalists have been named.

A panel of celebrity judges chose three of the category winners and the fourth category was decided by public vote.

Meet the winners…

Furr-ever Friends

A nine-year-old cat named Minty helps his human brother, Connor Raven, who suffers from learning disabilities and mental conditions. The white cat is more than Connor’s best friend, he is a calming presence during emotional breakdowns, and a great teacher.

Comedian Russell Kane was the announcing judge for this category and said, “They were all amazing, but what clinched it for me was Minty’s nature, the fact that he’s a three-legged moggy (that’s when I started sobbing), the way it shows that cats can be working animals… I truly believe cats aren’t used enough in teaching companionship in therapeutic ways and so for me, because it drives forward the species argument that cats are wonderful creatures, not just for them being furry and being stroked, but for the emotional benefits and the teaching benefits and the assistance they can bring to people’s lives…so congratulations, well done, Minty!”

Most Caring Cat

Penelope, a beautiful calico, is named most caring cat for helping alert her mom, Zoe Elliott, when a seizure attack is coming on. Zoe suffers from multiple medical issues that make her more susceptible to breaking bones and seizures.

Actress Tuppence Middleton announced the winner on Facebook and said “I was really, really touched by Zoe’s story and moved by how much Penelope helps Zoe every day of her life. I really understand what amazing company and comfort cats can be when you’re feeling low or stressed or sad.”

She said it was a really tough decision but decided on Penelope because “it’s seems like it would be a very hard thing for Zoe to cope without Penelope and I was really moved by what a great team they are.”

Outstanding Rescue

A one-eyed stray cat helped his mom overcome a devastating loss. Jessica Barnard was grieving for her stillborn baby boy when Mikey entered her life. The black cat was also in need of love and recovery and together they came out stronger.

“My cat is my life-changing charm. We found each other at the perfect time of our lives. He brings nothing but pure love, our bond is so strong and he knows when I’m feeling down as he will follow me all the time showing his love. Mikey really is the best cat in the world to me,” stated Jessica.

Purina Better Together

This category is about a special bond that enhances both a human’s and cat’s life. A public vote on social media named an orange tabby the winner.

Boris and his 80-year-old friend, Alex Tullis, are inseparable. They find strength and comfort in each other’s company. Both have endured hard times but found strength and comfort in each other’s company.

Alex had a stroke several years ago and is now confined to a bed, but his loyal companion is right by his side.

“Boris is my dad’s best friend and companion and he gives us both an abundance of affection and laughs. Dad’s face lights up when he knows that he is on his bed. Without a doubt they are both survivors who have a special bond that keeps each other going,” Alex’s daughter, Caroline told the charity.

All four are in the running for National Cat of the Year, which will be announced on August 12. The winner will also receive a trophy, pets store gift card, a year subscription to Cat Magazine, and three months’ supply of Purina cat food.

Aside from shining a spotlight on unbreakable feline bonds, the charity helps over 200,000 cats and kittens every year find loving homes. Follow them on Facebook for more events and adoptable cats.

If you are in need of a loyal best friend, head to your local shelter and adopt.

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