This Cat Sure Knows How To Beat The Heat! Hilarious!

Everyone has a way to beat the heat. No matter if you’re in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or in the deserts of Arizona, chances are the needle is going to approach (or surpass) the triple digits. As much as you might love being outdoors, there is a limit to human tolerance. That’s why almost everyone has air conditioners, rotating or box fans, and a summer wardrobe. Well, our pets are the exact same! Cats love being warmer than humans, which is part of why they love playing in boxes, but despite that, they overheat too! True to their nature, they manage to find unusual ways to cool off. This might not be the most graceful or elegant solution, but it is absolutely a perfectly feline solution. He knows how to cool off, and darn it, he’s not going to let looking like a dork stop him!

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