Nobody Would Adopt This Cat Cause Of A Tumor On Her Face

Being a stray pet is difficult enough, but when you’re a stray pet with a medical issue or a handicap, it can be that much tougher. And unfortunately for some stray animals facing those hardships, it can be a death sentence if no one intervenes.

Keta the cat is less than a year old, yet she was facing that exact predicament while living in a kill shelter on borrowed time. Thankfully, the rescue, Unwanted NYC Pets, found her just in the nick of time and got her the medical attention that she desperately needed.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

Keta was living with a tumor that was growing in her mouth. It was large – the size of a baseball!

The poor cat was starving as a result, but despite her tumor, she had a strong will to live – her rescuers knew they couldn’t just leave her.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

The obvious solution was to perform surgery, although it was not without its risks. There was the risk of Keta needing to be on a feeding tube, losing an eye, or coming out deformed afterward and then never finding a home as a result.

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Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

Before anything was done, her tumor was carefully examined, and then a plan was put into place.

Keta clearly knew what was going on during her examination. The precious little cat showed her gratitude and purred the whole way through.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

Her surgeon, Dr. Tomas Ingernuso, managed to avoid the possible complications, and successfully removed the tumor.

Keta is now a happy kitty on the road to recovery!

Her skin where the tumor was is beginning to tighten back up. Plus, she is eating on her own now as well.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

There is no doubt that Keta is finding the task of eating a whole lot easier now that she doesn’t have that ginormous tumor in her mouth anymore.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets

Life is starting to look a lot brighter for this fantastic feline – the only thing that would make it that much better would be a forever home.

Photo: Unwanted NYC Pets
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