This Dog Wants His Cat Sibling To Move From The Water Bowl And Asks In The Most Polite Way

Sometimes sharing with siblings can be difficult. Whether it’s clothes, toys, or even parents’ attention, sometimes we just want everything for ourselves. This dog and cat duo most likely have their own water bowls, but sometimes wind up drinking from the same one.

Benji the Border Collie wants his cat sibling, Fred, to finish drinking from his water bowl so that he can have some. He stands behind him patiently waiting, but Fred is taking his sweet time. Benji grows impatient and politely taps Fred with his paw, as if to say “excuse me.” But Fred ignores the tap, which results in Benji tapping him a few more times. Finally, Benji has had enough and lies down next to Fred. Eventually Fred finally finishes and leaves. Benji immediately goes to the bowl for a drink. It’s about time, Fred!

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