Cat Finds Perfect Napping Spot Tucked Under Dog’s Ear

Cats and dogs might have a reputation for being enemies, but they can sometimes surprise us and become BFFs!

When a cat and dog live in the same home as a family, it’s not uncommon to see them treating each other as such. Sometimes, they might even enjoy a cuddle here or there!

Growing up, I had a dog and a cat that just loved each other. While the cat didn’t show his affection the same as the dog, it was apparent he loved his canine friend because they’d often be found sleeping together.

Photo: Pixabay/jevansch

Our cat would curl up in the fluffy fur of our dog and they’d just lay there and nap. The dog would be careful not to move until the cat had woken up and wandered off. It was too precious!

Though we’ve had several cats and dogs since, those two were the only ones who formed such a special bond. It seems they’re not alone though because Reddit user @morganmonroe81 recently shared a video of a golden retriever and a white kitten snuggling together in an adorable way!

Photo: Reddit/morganmonroe81

In the video, you can see the golden retriever resting his head on the ground. You can’t see its face, but a kitten is tucked under his ear, taking a sweet nap. The little feline is holding the dog’s leg with both paws and seems perfectly at peace.

The person recording the video slowly lifts the golden retriever’s ear to reveal the cat’s head peeking out.

Photo: Reddit/morganmonroe81

The video continues, showing the two snuggling peacefully until the cat decides it’s time to be a cat. In a turn of events, it bites the dog’s leg and gives a few paws at its face, but the dog doesn’t seem to mind.

Eventually, they settle back in and continue resting, with the golden retriever gently grooming the cat with licks. Watch the sweet video below:

Having the other’s back. from AnimalsBeingBros

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