Cat’s Rear Gets Mistaken For A Dog In Viral Video

The internet is no stranger to a good ol’ optical illusion. In fact, in recent years there have been multiple very heated debates surrounding certain optical illusions.

We all remember the black and blue dress versus white and gold dress that nearly melted the Twittersphere a few years back, right? I think we’ll still be talking about that one a decade from now.

Well, another optical illusion making the rounds on social media is actually a living, breathing optical illusion. It’s a cat that looks like a dog.

Photo: Max Pixel

I don’t mean the cat has dog-like features or anything. I mean its fur pattern is shockingly realistic from afar to look like a dog’s face!

The way that the little feline is sitting makes its black and white splotches line up perfectly to give the appearance of a dog’s face just chilling on the rooftop. In fact, in the short video clip, it looks exactly as if a dog is resting its head on the ledge of a building’s roof from afar.

Photo: Facebook/ViralHog

The person taking the video zooms in, and it still looks like a very relaxed dog enjoying the day outside.

But then the person behind the camera calls out to the animal, thinking it’s a dog, only to be surprised when a cat pops up from a seated position and turns around.

Photo: Facebook/ViralHog

In fact, the person can be heard exclaiming, “it’s a cat!” in Portuguese.

In terms of trippy optical illusions, we’re pretty sure this cat just won. Hands down!

Check it out below:

What do you think of this optical illusion? Have you ever gotten animals confused for something else? Let us know!

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