Are You Cat Proof? This Feline Is A Charmer For Treats

The thing about cats is… they’re cleverly cute. They are by no means boring. They love to keep us on our toes. Their behaviors are what make them irresistible to so many susceptible humans. Are you cat proof? I know I’m not!

In this too-cute-to-miss video, we meet a cat who, like so many other pets, insists something that isn’t his actually is.

His human is attempting to enjoy her coffee break with a delicious croissant… Too bad her cat didn’t get the memo that it ISN’T his coffee break too. He does all he can to convince his human otherwise. Will he break her down? Are humans too weak to say “no” ???

While being pet, knowing his human’s defenses are down, and her heart is warm, he goes in for the kill. Will he be the victor?


Let’s try that again!


And then… The Stone Cold Stare:


Well, at least we can award this fella for his relentless pursuit for all things yummy. Would you have given in?

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