Brave Cat Chases Off Black Bear In Vancouver

Tigger, a scrappy cat from Vancouver, B.C., has always been a fighter. According to his owners, brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock, the brave cat doesn’t hesitate to chase much larger dogs whenever they venture onto his lawn.

But Tigger’s bravery rose to awesome new heights when the cat was spotted chasing a black bear away from his house in North Vancouver. “I didn’t notice right away, but my little cat was just like — he was right here,” Gavin told Canada’s Global News. “He was two feet away from this bear.”

Photo: TikTok/blasterbrawls

Tigger’s owner tried to call his cat away from the bear, but Tigger – being a cat – opted to cooly ignore him. So Gavin whipped out his phone and started recording. The video was later posted on TikTok.

“I saw the cat just chase after the bear and I was like no way,” said Cameron, who watched in awe as Tigger arched up his back and walked towards the wild animal, causing the startled black bear to flee.

Photo: TikTok/blasterbrawls

Of course, this isn’t the first time that confident cats have frightened off much larger animals. In Florida, a cool cat went viral after staring down an alligator trying to force his way inside. In another case, a cat alerted her owner when a bear broke into their home. In a similar case, a cat named Butters chased off a much larger dog for bullying his brother.

But even so, this tough little cat takes the cake for daring to chase off a black bear, whose been seen around the neighborhood before–but not since his encounter with Tigger.

Photo: TikTok/blasterbrawls

Not only is Tigger clearly quite tough, but now he’s also a social media star. After Gavin posted a video of Tigger chasing he bear on Tiktok, it fetched thousands of views.

Most people think dogs are the best guard animals, but this fearless Canadian cat is making us reconsider!

Watch the video on TikTok:

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