Cat Cares For Sick Puppy

Winston the cat and Zeke the puppy are proving the world wrong with their friendship. The duo was caught on tape snuggled up together.

According to One Green Planet, Winston was taking care of Zeke when the puppy became ill. Animals are not invincible to sickness and sometimes need a little extra care too. Zeke’s illness was the result of an allergic reaction to grass. After frolicking in the yard, the puppy ended up breaking out in hives. Thus, he had to go on a visit to the vet’s office where he received steroid and Benadryl shots. These little pokes helped calm the itchy and uncomfortable feeling Zeke was experiencing as a result of his allergy.

After Zeke returned from his doctor’s visit he jumped on the couch to cuddle with Winston.

It isn’t uncommon to see two likely foes form a relationship like Zeke and Winston’s. This form of altruism has bonded monkeys and tigers, dogs and lambs, dogs and tiger cubs, tigers and piglets, and dogs and red panda cubs. According to Good Nature, wildlife researchers cite instances of this from dolphins who care for other marine creatures and leopards who have been seen taking care of baby baboons.

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