Cat-Care Tips That May Surprise You

Despite their reputation for being independent animals, cats can actually be very reliant on their humans. For this reason, you'll be glad you knew some of these surprising cat-care tips to ensure you've got a happy, healthy feline living in your home:

Play with your cat
According to the Humane Society, you should always make sure that you're taking the time to play with and entertain your cat. These furry friends still need physical and emotional stimulation and playing with your cat is another great way to establish a bond.

Get a fountain
Dr. Marty Becker's latest book "Your Cat: The Owner's Manual," said that cats are naturally attracted to running water, so you may want to consider purchasing a pet drinking fountain to provide your cat with cool, running water.

Panting is bad
Most people know that a dog cools himself off by panting. However, this isn't the case with cats. If you see your feline panting, it may be extreme anxiety or a sign of respiratory or cardiovascular problems.

Look for signs of pain
Humans have the ability to express their pain vocally, but cat's can't do that. Becker's book stated that chronic pain isn't uncommon in cats, but owners don't always know what signs to look for. You may be able to tell that your cat is in pain if they're hesitating before jumping or climbing, not using their litter box, are more aggressive or withdrawn, or cannot groom themselves.

Keep your old scratching post
Don't get your cat a new scratching post if your current one is worn down because felines like well-used ones the most. You can get the post looking good as new by purchasing some new rope.

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