Cat Can’t Get Enough Of This Dog’s Cone Of Shame

Every pet owner is familiar with the cone of shame. It’s that giant cone that we have to force our pets to wear from time to time whenever there is a medical issue.

They usually get fitted with the collar after they’ve had an injury or surgery, or if they need to be kept from excessively licking themselves. They can often be silly-looking on our pets, but sometimes they can also be hilarious.

That is because the cones can often be cumbersome to wear, and our pets will sometimes end up bumping into things and causing chaos wherever they go. Given the rise of social media, these funny clips are now readily available.

Photo: flickr/Andy Blackledge

One such funny cone of shame video was posted to Twitter by the user, @klutchgame. The post had the caption, “So we had to put a cone on my dog again. My cat loves it.”

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While the clip might only be eight seconds long, it is nothing short of hilarious. It features the family dog, a giant yellow lab, sprawled out on the living room floor wearing his plastic cone.

Photo: Twitter/KlutchGame

Two cats are nearby, with one playfully pawing at the cone as if it’s the best toy ever.

The internet was tickled pink by the hilarious clip. Within just a few days of having been posted, it racked up more than 11 million views and counting.

Given how well-received the video footage was, Klutch posted again for his followers and shared a follow-up “part 2” video. As anyone could guess, the cat was still there, but this time it was thinking the dog’s cone was his new bed.

Visibly inside the cone is the family cat, making the best of a bad situation. The cat has chosen the cone as his new favorite napping spot.

As most cats do, this one doesn’t seem to care one bit that the cone is otherwise occupied by the dog.

What do you think of the cat’s reaction? Let us know!

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