You Can Now Get Your Cat A Mini Camping Tent

They sell clothes for your cat, so why not sell mini cat camping tents?. Although these things are freakin adorable, we advise you not to take your cat camping.

Australian company Cat Camp has created the first tiny indoor camping tent for your cat. These tents are pretty legit, but we don’t advise that you bring them anywhere outside your home.

Photo: Cat Camp

The company uses only the finest materials for their cat camps:

We designed Cat Camp with a focus on making your cats new hideout look just like a real tent. Modeled on the mini display tents found at outdoors shops. We use extra durable materials to withstand your cat’s scratches, tugs and meows.

Each Cat Camp tent is 21.5″ wide x 21.5″ long x 14.0″ tall. So it may be a tight squeeze if your cat is a little overweight.

Inside you can find a microfiber fleece pad that makes it super comfortable for your cat. It even comes with a durable heavy-weather cover – if you dare to take it outside.

Photo: Cat Camp

We could definitely see someone putting the cat camp on their deck. This way your indoor/outdoor cat has somewhere to ounge outside.

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Photo: Cat Camp

The cat camp tent is $59.95 and it comes in three different colors: blue, orange, and red.

If you want to see more cats in tiny tents and get updates on when new tents will be sold by Cat Camp, you can follow them on Instagram.

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